5 Free Resources for Design Mockups

January 13, 2017 | By Kaprise Chard
Design mockup of a magazine on table

So, you’ve designed something, and it looks great on screen, but what about when you’re presenting to your client and they don’t quite have the same level of imagination as you? Mockups can help make your work look professional in the setting they were designed for. Below are a list of 5 online resources for all you graphic and web designers out there who appreciate a good mockup. From business cards to web pages, logo work to packaging, and any other project you may be working on, these resources have the perfect mockup to showcase your awesome designs.



This was the first resource I discovered for design mockups and it is still my go-to. Under the graphics tab, check out the free section where you’ll find pages of great mockups for tons of projects. Book covers, magazine spreads, posters, the list goes on and the best part is how customizable and easy they are to use. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Graphic Burger


Graphic Burger features a wide variety of clean, professional layouts for your work. Every mockup you can think of in one place. The majority are free, but if they have a price, it will be clearly listed on the right under the image. Not only does this site have mockups, but it also has free backgrounds and unique text effects you can download to use in your work! Definitely take the time to through this one.



Too many freebies to list…mockups, icons, web elements, fonts, and the list goes on. In terms of mockups, this resource is ideal for your web projects. They have some great mobile PSD files to showcase your app and responsive web design pages. There are over 370+ to be more exact.

Graphics Fuel


Under categories, in the mockup template tab, there are pages of great, clean PSD mockups. Lots of food and drink templates for all you package designers out there. The designer that produces these resources spends a lot of time on them, only to give them away for FREE! So take advantage!



Hundreds of ready to use mockups at your fingertips! Mockupworld is managed by a German blogger, who pulls the best resources published worldwide into one place for creative people just like you! The layered PSD files make it easy to drop your design into any mockup in seconds. My favourite part about this site is how the mockups are filed into categories, like IPhone, packaging, paper and books, etc. It saves a lot of time when you’re looking for that perfect one.

Thank you to the people who spend hours creating these wonderful resources for us. We are forever in your debt.

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