Wayne Cappleman

Having traveled across the pond for his one love, Wayne found another love with us here at TDG. As a graduate of Media and Communications from a well-respected university in the United Kingdom, he brings a unique, perspective to the team. Having immersed himself into North American marketing culture, Wayne also offers European thinking to help engage a wider audience.  With several years as a retail manager for globally recognized brands, client services and organizational skills are second nature. His work ethic is second to none, and Wayne takes great pride in the marketing materials he produces for his clients.

Outside the office as a sports enthusiast, you’ll find Wayne as close to the action as possible, even if that is on the couch with a cold beverage. Also a keen reader, he enjoys keeping current on the marketing industry that drives his passion.

Although not as talented vocally, that doesn’t stop him from filling the TDG hallways with the sound you would be likely to hear at a dive bar downtown at 2am.