A direct result of a government-funded program put in place to address the skilled trades gap in Ontario, Tools in the Trades Boot Camps are free-to-attend events held across the province offering attendees a taste of the industry - including networking opportunities, employability tips, hands-on exercises, and a free tool kit.

A shift in target audiences in the second year of the program meant we could no longer target high-school students and instead needed to focus on the general public to fill the events. Our mission was to fill every Boot Camp with pre-screened applicants.

Tools in the Trades Boot Camp Background 1
Tools in the Trades Boot Camp Background 2

We focused on macro and micro-advertising and spent the first three months growing the brand from the previous year, now targeting those who are 18+ and not currently enrolled in full-time education. Our team produced a commercial which was aired on Rogers, Bell TV and Corus channels, in addition to radio ads, outdoor billboard advertisements, and a major focus on digital marketing and organic social media initiatives. We also designed and developed a new custom website to drive traffic of pre-screened applicants based on personality test results.


In total, 3136 applications have been completed for Boot Camp with 2454 successful matches attending events in addition to 133 employers who participated. Their new website, launched in July of 2022, has seen 7346 users with 107,854 sessions, as well as impressive results for their social media growth, including 1748 Instagram followers, 1800 Facebook followers and 1600 likes, 280 Twitter followers, 934 TikTok followers, and 381 LinkedIn followers.

All of this contributed to a wildly successful Boot Camp season, with many events filling to capacity with qualified candidates, and the program was renewed for another year to continue their work in addressing the skilled trades gap.

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