Our long-standing client, Group Touchette, previously known as NTD, required new showroom posters annually for their product ENVY wheels. With the tagline “wheels to be envied,” they often play on a green monster/creature or a green envious eye - though they requested more subtle elements for this poster.

ENVY Wheels Background 1
ENVY Wheels Background 2

To get a wider creative selection, we had two designers work on the project. They conceptualized their pieces based on a theme/prompt provided by the client and pieced together artwork using several images and photoshop techniques. Each poster combines a range of complex tricks of design to create fantastical backgrounds where the product can shine. Vehicles were carefully selected and meticulously tweaked to place the ENVY wheels accurately onto each tire. Multiple layers of textures, foreground elements, and lighting effects come together to create dramatic and memorable images, after many hours of photoshop work to ensure the artwork looks realistic with the correct lighting, angles, and sizing of each element.


The two different concepts gave life to two very different designs while still maintaining consistency for the brand. Both posters are eye-catching and bold and accomplish the goal of setting ENVY wheels apart in the industry. Group Touchette loved both designs. Instead of choosing just one, they decided to go with both options.

ENVY Wheels Results
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