Jim Peplinski Leasing (JPLI) came to us to learn more about how their customers experienced their products and services with the aim of serving them better. They wanted a baseline of data to build off of going forward, using a rating scale for customer satisfaction.

Jim Peplinski Leasing Background 1
Jim Peplinski Leasing Background 2

We developed and sent out an anonymous survey to their entire existing customer base broken down into five geographical regions, and further segmented by sales representatives and industries to provide a wide range of data sets. The first benchmarking survey was conducted in 2019, with follow-up surveys being completed each consecutive year following. This allowed us to compare customer satisfaction ratings year over year which we presented through a comprehensive report with recommendations based on our assessment.


The TDG team identified key areas of improvement based on customer feedback. We helped our client to implement suggested strategies using a range of our services to target areas of opportunity. These surveys have helped JPLI to better understand what their customers think and feel about their brand so that they can continue to improve their service.

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