William Street Eyecare sought to develop a sub-brand and micro-site specifically for their Myopia management clinic. The doctors and staff at William Street Eyecare have committed to extensive training and invested in cutting-edge technology to offer the most up-to-date options for slowing the progression of myopia in children.
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TDG was tasked with the comprehensive development of this project, from conceptualizing and designing the logo to building the micro-site. Our team handled all aspects of the website creation, including copywriting, design, and launching. TDG crafted a micro-site that provides detailed information about myopia and the various treatment options available through the clinic, ensuring the content was both informative and user-friendly.
Despite its modest scale, we are confident the micro-site will effectively raised awareness about myopia in children and the advanced treatment options available at William Street Eyecare. The educational content and streamlined user experience should lead to increased online engagement and an uptick in appointment bookings. This targeted initiative has positioned William Street Eyecare as a leader in myopia management for children, enhancing its reputation in the community.
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