Restoration Design is the ultimate one-stop shop for vintage Porsche® enthusiasts looking to restore their classic car to its former glory. They specialize in producing high-quality rust repair and replacement panels for Porsche® 356, 911, and 914 models, and have recently started producing Speedster kits for customers to build their own cars. They have the world's largest in-stock inventory of sheet metal parts, all manufactured in-house at their facility, and 3D scan hard-to-find original parts to reproduce exact duplicates.

RD has a large following on social media and we noticed through monthly reporting that reels were highly favoured, with their followers engaging with their content and the RD team when videos were posted. We saw an opportunity to leverage this trend with short and long-form videos on YouTube and Instagram.

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TDG developed video content to target enthusiasts in Porsche® restoration. These included parts videos that provide quick guidelines for the different parts for each of the makes and years, a long-form project of Speedster build videos showing the process from start to finish, Instagram reels capitalizing on trending sounds and techniques, as well as a collaboration with their partners at Vintage Tin.


The RD Speedster Design Project on YouTube has 5.72k subscribers, 2,148 views, and 66 likes. The first social media Speedster Reel received 26,819 plays, 1402 likes, 21 comments, 88 shares, 145 saves, with a total of 25,335 accounts reached. The second reel had 8,715 plays, 728 likes, 14 comments, 32 shares, 43 saves, with 7,862 accounts reached, and the Speedster Parts video received a massive 45,255 plays, 1490 likes, 19 comments, 55 shares, 159 saves, and 47,213 total accounts reached.

Restoration Design Results
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