Adapting to Working from Home

Like the majority of the world, TDG Marketing has seen many changes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are thrilled to say, our agency is continuing to create ground-breaking marketing materials for an increasing range of clients. That being said, how we do that has changed significantly in recent months. What originally began as a necessity to stay in business while the world was on lock-down, quickly became our new (and dare we say it more productive, happy, and healthy) norm.

Here’s a sneak peek into our day-to-day.

We still have an office…it’s just a bit smaller.

HQ, as we like to call it, houses multiple workstations for employees who need to occasionally book a more formal office setting – or maybe just need some space from family, pets, or spouses – no judgement here. Upstairs, you will find our boardroom. While most of our meetings take place remotely, we still have a gathering place for clients who prefer face-to-face meetings. Or should we say socially distanced, mask-to-mask?

Zoom, how original?

Yes, we know. The whole world now runs over Zoom and we are no different. Virtually meeting with our clients helps keep us all safe, while allowing us to continue offering hands-on, dedicated marketing support. Cutting out the travel time has been a real bonus. Making excuses for being late is a tad harder now though…

Adapting to Working from Home

Our heads are in the cloud (no ‘s’).

Transitioning to our staff working from home meant we needed to invest significantly in IT. We have moved all of our files to a secure, cloud-based storage system. This way, every employee can access what they need from home, without the slow process of remoting into an office-based server. This was a game-changer folks!

Connecting cellularly

Continuing with the technological changes, early on in the work from home process we discovered the need for a softphone software system. This lets our team call clients from their cell phones, while still showing up as TDG Marketing on caller ID. Our clients can in turn call our usual TDG phone number, dial an extension like they always would, and reach us at home…right on our cell phones!

Being apart actually means more communication, oddly enough…

When we worked together out of one office location, we took communication for granted. We could walk down the hall to ask a question…or just talk through the walls on occasion. Since we now don’t see each other every day, it is incredibly important to make team building a priority. We do the standard things you would expect, like having regular virtual meetings within each department, but we like to take things one step further.

With such a fun, talented, and creative team we are always coming up with new ways to stay connected. Recently, we did an image recreation for our TDG social media channels and revealed them to each other over Zoom. We have implemented a bi-weekly “TDG Kudos” email, where we showcase all the great work we are doing within our team, as well as our internally famous “TDG Scoop” newsletter, where we share fun team news and keep everyone connected.

When we started working from home because of COVID-19, we thought we were only dealing with temporary measures. Shockingly, we found we were more productive than ever. More importantly, we were all less stressed, more content, and had an easier time finding a healthy work/life balance.

At our core as a company is a belief that “just because something has always been done one way, is not a good enough reason to continue doing it that way”. Working from home has allowed us to serve our customers better than ever before, has made us think outside of the box, and really emphasises the need to do everything with intention. It’s a win all around.

What we have discovered is, all we need is our technology and our talent…well, and maybe still some coffee. But now we can drink it in our pajamas.

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