Winter can be a difficult time, especially when we find ourselves confined indoors. This isolation can be a challenge for us as a remote agency. At TDG Marketing, we understand the impact the colder season can have on our team's mental health, and we're dedicated to providing support and resources to help navigate through these winter blues. Here's a glimpse into what we're doing to ensure our team feels supported, connected, and uplifted during these winter months.


  1. Knowledge is Power

We recently hosted a webinar in partnership with NABs, a renowned organization providing programs, services, and support tailored to professionals in our industry. This webinar focused on educating our team about the mental health resources available to them including counselling, allocations, mental health first-aid training, and career advancement planning. To learn more about NABs and their support for the marketing industry, check out their website at


  1. Monthly Newsletter:

A new addition to our winter lineup this year is an internal monthly newsletter packed with tips, resources, and fun activity suggestions specifically around winter wellness. From self-care practices to keeping everyone in the know about our virtual events, we're dedicated to providing tangible strategies that our team can incorporate into their daily routines.


  1. Creating Connections:

In addition to our regular virtual meetings, we've introduced monthly virtual coffee breaks to provide a dedicated space for team members to connect and unwind. These informal gatherings allow us to foster a sense of camaraderie and support, even in a remote setting. We also maintain our monthly virtual Happy (Half) Hours where we can all socialize, play games, and unwind at the end of the month.


  1. Nurturing Body and Mind:

In honour of Bell Let’s Talk Day, we organized a private virtual yoga class for our team led by instructor Kasey Maguire. This session provided a rejuvenating experience, focusing on both physical movement and mental relaxation. It was great to spend time as a team investing in the health of both our bodies and minds.


  1. Meeting Outside of our Screens:

Looking ahead, we've planned a team-building activity in February to bring our team together in a real-life setting. This in-person gathering will provide an opportunity for face-to-face interaction. We’ve also scheduled an in-person all-staff meeting/team-building seminar in March, our first in-person full team meeting since transitioning to remote work!


Above all, we prioritize checking in on each other and ensuring that every team member has the support and care they need. Our initiatives are rooted in our core values, emphasizing work/life balance and a commitment to supporting one another, not just through the Winter months, but all year round.

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