Does Your Brand Need a Spring Cleaning?

By Carli English
A.K.A. Copy Commander

It’s that time of year again…spring cleaning. When I said those words, you thought about your house didn’t you? While you probably should get that old tuna sandwich from under your kid’s bed and dust off those window ledges, let me challenge you to think bigger! As spring rolls around, it’s time to take a good look at your business presence. Rethink your branding…analyze your market and where you fit in it…and possibly freshen up your corporate appearance. Let’s break that down:

Evaluate Your Brand

Whether you are a relatively new brand or have an established history, relying on “it is what it is” or “we have always done it this way” is not going to cut it in today’s market. Ask yourself,

  • Does this still represent who we are and what we do?
  • Is this outdated compared to industry standards?

Remember, just because you are asking the questions, doesn’t mean you have to completely rehaul your look. Sometimes the slightest tweaks can make the biggest difference.


Does Your Brand Need a Spring Cleaning?

Re-Evaluate Your Market

You can’t take last year’s truths as this year’s absolutes. Time has a habit of shifting industries and your brand needs to re-establish its place constantly. Get back to the basics with questions like,

  • Who is your target demographic and how have they changed?
  • Are you being found by the right people?
  • How is your social media engagement?
  • What are your competitors doing differently and how does your brand measure up?

How Can We Help?

At TDG Marketing, our sole purpose is to help our customers answer these questions and implement the right strategy to reach their target audience. From Account Managers, Digital Specialists, Researchers, and Copy Writers, to Videographers, Editors, Web Designers and an entire Graphics Team – we have the professional resources and over 20 years of experience to help your brand break through the market clutter.

Book your free 1-hour consultation today…what could it hurt? Alternatively…how much could it help!

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