A long-time team member, Carli has been with TDG since it was run out of a garage and employed only a few people. Working in almost every role at our company over the years, except for graphic design and management, she settled in for the long haul as Copywriter. With a passion for telling clients’ stories, Carli enjoys working behind the scenes and values her role within our ever-growing and evolving team.

Meet Carli…(aka me)

How long have you been with TDG?

That’s a bit of a tricky question to answer. I just celebrated my tenth official year, but if you add in the time before two maternity leaves and part-time in between, it gets closer to fifteen years.

What does your typical workday look like?

Working from home, for me, looks like working from anywhere BUT home. I like some action going on around me and have a hard time getting things done when it's completely quiet. Whether I am in the middle of a forest working from a hammock or at a bustling community centre, you can usually find me sitting on the ground outside, taking inspiration from the fresh air to write for our vast range of clients.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

I am the only department of one in our company, and while I thrive working this way, sometimes I crave the collaboration and community of working with other team members. When I need a little extra help, my co-workers are always happy to jump on a Zoom call to brainstorm together or even just to have a chat.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Finding a brand’s voice is extremely satisfying. The first time I write for a new client, I like to try on different styles, tones, and voices until something clicks. With many of our clients, slipping into their brand’s voice feels like putting on a comfortable, familiar sweater. When I’m done with a project, I take it off and put on another one. We work with so many different industries…let’s just say I have a very big wardrobe.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love all things outdoors. Spring and Fall are hiking season for me. If the weather is anywhere in the teens, my philosophy is the longer the trail, the better. Summer is for camping and paddleboarding, and I am still looking for my perfect Winter activity. I do love the peacefulness of going for a walk in a forest blanketed in snow, knowing I am the only one out on the trail.

Final thoughts from Carli…

TDG is more than just a company to me, it’s a family…and not just because it’s my family’s business. I have watched our company evolve from a mom-and-pop shop to a fully digital agency with a massively talented team that just won’t stop growing. We’ve accomplished so many great things over the past twenty-plus years, and I have seen many of them first-hand. And while sometimes I think I have seen it all, I know the best is yet to come. I think I will stick around to see what amazing things we create and achieve over the next twenty years. Just try and get rid of me!

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