New year…same amazing people as the backbone of our agency! Let’s get 2024 off to a great start by introducing you to Dakota, a vital part of our video team, and a Video Editor with a magic touch for animation. We asked Dakota what it’s like to be a part of team TDG. Let’s get to know him better and find out what a day in his life is like:


Meet Dakota…


How long have you been with TDG?

A little shy of 3 years.


What does your typical workday look like?

I usually roll out of bed 10 minutes before work. I organize my tasks and break down my workload. Then start on any social media and smaller projects before tackling my big assignments. By 11 to 12, I'm usually neck deep in an animation or an edit for a video, and if I'm lucky, around 1 pm I remember I need to eat. After a quick lunch, it’s back to work. By 2-3, I'm usually making submissions and working on any assigned revisions until the end of the day.


What is the most challenging part of your job?

I think the most challenging part of my job is trying not to overreach on projects. It's easy to stress myself out trying to make something as good as it can be, and I find it hard to put my foot down and say I have done everything I can.


What is the most rewarding part of your job?

For me, it's seeing a final product I am proud of. For example, when I employ new techniques or have a creative new idea…and after days of work I get to see it all come together. Nothing makes me feel more satisfied.


What do you like to do outside of work?

I spend a lot of my free time playing video games with friends, but I also like making things with my hands. I've also recently gotten into painting models (though I'm not very good yet).


Final thoughts from Dakota:

It's hard to believe how fast my time with TDG has been going by. I am constantly thankful for the life I have been allowed to live because of this job.


Thanks, Dakota, for all your hard work. Time has flown on our end too! Here’s to many more years of making epic videos together. We appreciate you.

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