At TDG, excellence is our guiding principle, and we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of efficiency and innovation. We’ve seen significant growth since becoming a fully digital agency. As our company expanded, we realized the need to upgrade our project management system to keep pace. The challenges we faced with our previous platform,, led us on a quest to find the perfect solution. Today, we're thrilled to share how we transformed our project management processes with Hive, a game-changing platform that has become the backbone of our operations.

Identifying the Pain Points

In May 2022, it became evident that our existing project workflow was hindering our progress. We encountered difficulties tracking hours, managing workloads, and centralizing communications. Manual input and lack of review functionalities only added to the inefficiencies. Determined to address these challenges, our management team set out to craft a comprehensive wish list for the ideal project management system.

Crafting the Wish List

With our Studio Director, Courtney, leading the charge, we outlined our critical requirements for the new platform. Time tracking, workload capacity monitoring, review and markup capabilities, and client project intake forms topped the list. We also aimed to streamline our tools by integrating Google Suite. The wish list served as our compass, guiding us toward the perfect fit.

Evaluating Potential Solutions

To find the ideal solution, we conducted in-depth research and demos of various project management platforms, including Trello, Slack, Asana, Wrike, Teamwork, and Hive. While each had its merits, Hive and Teamwork stood out as the most promising contenders.

Selecting the Right Fit

After rigorous testing, Hive emerged as the clear winner. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with its ability to meet our critical needs, made it an ideal match for TDG. Hive's time tracking, workload management, project templates, and review functionalities addressed our pain points and streamlined our project management processes.

The Implementation Journey

With Hive chosen as our partner, we crafted an implementation plan to ensure a seamless transition. We decided to build the platform from scratch, allowing us to tailor it precisely to our requirements. Comprehensive training sessions were conducted to familiarize the team with Hive's functionalities.

Unlocking the Hive Potential

As we transitioned to Hive, our project management process underwent a significant transformation. Hive's robust features allowed us to streamline time tracking, prioritize projects effectively, and centralize review and approval workflows. With unlimited guest capabilities, we strengthened collaboration with our clients, providing them with a seamless experience.

Embracing the Future with Hive

Hive has become an integral part of TDG's success story. With its support, we have optimized our project management processes, enhancing productivity and client satisfaction. Our team members are now more empowered to work cohesively, driving projects to successful completion.

Hive has proved to be a game-changer for our team, revolutionizing our project management practices and propelling us toward a future of growth and achievement. We are grateful for Hive's partnership and excited about the possibilities it unlocks for TDG. 

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