To help you to get to know our new leader, we asked Mandy a few questions about her time with TDG and what she has planned for the years to come:

How did you first get into marketing?

Getting into marketing was inevitable. My father and I have very similar ways of thinking, so I was always interested in his job. He founded TDG when I was about 6 years old. When he told me he was starting a marketing company, I thought that meant he was going to sell fruit on the street like a “market”. When it came time to choose a career, it seemed natural to follow in his footsteps.

Tell us a story about your early days at TDG.

Oh, there are so many. But I’m going to take it back to my first paycheque in the marketing industry. This was prior to actually working for TDG when I was about 14. We had a client doing a commercial, and I attended the shoot just to watch. I suggested a line for the end of the commercial, and the client loved it. It evolved into a three-part series, all ending with that line. The client gave me a cheque, and it was my first official “job” in the industry.

What have you learned in your years at TDG?

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and it’s in the best interest of the company to utilize these. When I first started managing people, I wanted everything done the way I would have done it. I very quickly learned that this is not a good management style, and the company thrives when you give your team the space and tools they need to succeed – and then watch them shine. I’ve learned so many new ways of doing things over the years that are way better than my initial idea.

What excites you most about TDG's future?

The sky is the limit! In this day and age, especially with our virtual team, we can take on clients in any industry, anywhere! How exciting is that?

What do you think will be the biggest challenge in your new role?

If I’m being honest, it will be not being a team with Barry anymore. I’m ready to run TDG without him, and I am honoured to be a part of such a talented team, but there is something so special about working with my father. I swear we can read each other’s minds in a meeting. It’s just been so fun learning from him all these years. I’m ready, but I’ll miss him.

Is there anything you want the TDG team and our clients to know about the coming years and your new role?

To our clients:

Thank you for trusting me to continue leading the incredible business that Barry started over 22 years ago. Working with each of you over the years has taught me more than I ever thought possible. While Barry retiring is, of course, a big deal, he has put so much energy into ensuring myself, and the entire team are ready for this transition. You are in good hands.

To our team:

Each and every one of you is the reason I feel ready for this next step. You are so talented, and you are so valued. Thank you for all your hard work and passion every day.


On behalf of the entire TDG team, we want to share our very heart-felt and overwhelming gratitude to Barry for all his years of hard work and dedication, horribly drawn diagrams and TDG’isms, and the huge breadth of marketing knowledge that he has shared with each member of this team. Enjoy a warm and sunny retirement at TDG South. You deserve it!

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