Exciting times at TDG Marketing! We're thrilled to share some big news – we're under new ownership, and it's a face you already know well. Mandy English-Parry, a cornerstone of our team since 2014, took the helm as President at the beginning of 2023 and has now officially become full Owner of TDG Marketing.

Over the past year, Mandy's leadership has pushed our team to new heights. Fueled by her passion, vision, and unwavering commitment to marketing excellence, she's propelled us into new realms of innovation, fostering a culture of creativity and forward-thinking. Today, we sit down with Mandy to explore her journey with TDG and the exciting path she envisions for the future.


Can you share the journey that led you from Junior Account Coordinator to President/Owner of TDG Marketing and what has motivated you to get to this position?

I started at TDG as a Junior Account Coordinator and basically did whatever anyone needed to help out. I will forever be thankful that my father started me at the very bottom, as this isn't always the case in a family business. I learned so much from everyone around me by just pitching in where I was needed. From there, I got my own list of accounts as an Account Coordinator, eventually working my way up to Account Director leading the Client Services team. After being in that role for a few years, Barry was ready to take a big step back, and I became Managing Director of TDG. When Barry was officially ready to retire, I took on a new role as President and then purchased the company fairly quickly after that. My succession to Owner had been planned for over 5 years, and small steps were taken behind the scenes along the way. Barry did an excellent job preparing me.


What do you see staying the same at TDG Marketing, and what changes do you plan to make as the new Owner?

Staying the same: Our commitment to our customers and our people. We try to make every decision by looking at our values and ensuring it aligns with who we are as a company.

Changing: Who knows yet! While the core of marketing stays the same, the tools we use will always be changing. We will always ensure we have the best tools and systems needed to guarantee our team can do their job efficiently and to the best of their ability. But the heart of this company will never change.


Where do you envision the company in the next 5 years? 10 years?

I see a lot of growth in the next 5-10 years. We have a very different growth strategy now than we did previously, and I am excited to see it come to fruition. But, I do still see TDG as a virtual company over the next 5-10 years, potentially with team members in different locations to service clients in different provinces.


Work/life balance is an important value at TDG. How do you incorporate that into your life and this new role?

Work/life balance will always be one of TDG's values. Most importantly because we truly care about our people and their lives outside of work, but also because in our creative industry, the work is just better if our team is fresh and feeling their best. I personally am a big fan of doing a load of laundry on lunch, etc. so my evenings can be spent with my family just enjoying – something I couldn't do if I was at the office. Our company also offers competitive vacation time because we believe it is so important for our team to have the opportunity to travel or have a staycation or whatever makes them feel like the best version of themselves. I love to see our team use all their vacation days, and I do the same!


As you embark on this new chapter, what aspect of the journey are you most excited about?

Something I feared I would lose in closing the chapter of working with my father was that special connection where we could just read each other's minds in a meeting. Where we could disagree about something and have a healthy debate and end up coming up with the decision that was best for the company with no ego or care for who it was. I was worried not working with him would mean that I would be gone and I would feel alone. But I still have that with Kristy (Account Director) and Courtney (Studio Director). There is something so special about us officially being a female-led company with an all-female leadership team. I am so honoured to get to work alongside these two, and the rest of our team every day – and while I miss Barry, I did not lose that special mind-reading power with the leadership team.


Is there anything else you would like to share?

While I have been offered lots of "congratulations" and "how are you feeling about the next steps" in this transition, I just want to say that while this was a big step for me, Barry was the one giving up his baby. He built TDG Marketing from nothing over 24 years ago and I know it was scary and sad to be done and sell his company, even if it was to his own daughter. I am proud of him for how he has handled the transition, and I am so extremely thankful that he trusts me and the team enough to continue his legacy and grow the company he started out of his home.

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