At its core, marketing is the same today as it has always been. It’s about connecting a product or service to the right audience and making an emotional connection that drives action. How we reach the consumer has seen a drastic change in recent years. While traditional marketing methods still have their place, digital marketing has many benefits and should be considered an integral part of your advertising budget going forward. Here are just three of the benefits of digital marketing (and believe us…there are many more!)


Strategic Targeting:

Instead of casting a wide net, marketing your brand to anyone and everyone, you can think about who you are trying to reach and put your dollars towards talking to them specifically. This starts with what platform you use. Depending on your campaign objectives, you may choose to use email marketing, social media (such as Facebook ads), or the always useful Google Ads. You can target your consumer based on interest, demographic, geographic location – the sky is the limit and you set the parameters. As you monitor your campaigns, you can adjust your “net” as needed to “catch” the right interest.


Lower Costs:

In our industry, we often hear clients say they don’t want to spend money on digital campaigns. In reality, digital marketing provides relatively low-cost options when viewed through the lens of your return on investment.

Consider this. Digital marketing acts as a level playing field in a way other marketing methods cannot. Big box companies can afford to shell out for high end commercials with Hollywood production value, and flashy (expensive) billboards. It is true that the more you have to spend, the more people you can reach with digital marketing as well…but even if you only have a little to spend YOU CAN STILL SEE MASSIVE RESULTS WITH THE RIGHT TARGETING!

There is also the benefit of not wasting money. Your budget is completely within your control and can be adjusted as you watch the performance of your digital ads. Instead of wasting money on people who are not interested in your product, you can funnel your marketing dollars to those who are showing interest and are likely to make a purchase.


Easy to Measure:

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of digital marketing…where it towers over all other marketing methods. With Google Ads, Facebook, email marketing and more – you have access to a vast array of data through reporting features. This is your gold mine! Analyzing this data lets you know who is viewing your brand, what they are clicking on, and whether or not that interest has transferred to a sale or acquisition. What if it hasn’t yet? That’s ok too! You can use all these numbers to figure out how to make that happen.

Monitoring your digital marketing efforts not only allows you to optimize your current campaigns but helps drive and improve your marketing strategies going forward. At TDG Marketing, we strongly believe in a numbers-based approach to advertising on behalf of our clients. That’s why each member of our Client Services Team is Google Certified, and we are proud to be a Google Partner.

Not convinced on the benefits of digital marketing? Or just don’t know where to start? Book your free one-hour consultation with TDG Marketing. We can evaluate your needs and help you maximize your advertising dollars to reach the right people. That’s what marketing is all about!


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