The marketing industry has a reputation for being fast-paced, with long days, lots of overtime, and eating lunch at your desk while trying to meet a project deadline.

While the fast-paced part is true, at TDG Marketing, one of our core values is having a healthy work/life balance so that all our team members can thrive and feel good about the work they are doing. Tired and burned-out team members don’t put out their best work…and in an industry as creatively driven as ours, that’s just not going to work.

Even more importantly, we are a people-first company. We truly care about every member of our team. That’s why fostering a healthy work/life balance matters to us – from the top down.


  • Our Leadership Team sets aside time daily to ensure everyone has a reasonable amount of work to accomplish during our 9 am – 4:30 pm office hours.
  • Strong communication between all team members means that no one is an island.
  • We encourage everyone to USE their vacation time to recharge,
  • AND to unplug at the end of every workday! Evenings and weekends are for family, friends, and fun.
  • On the last Friday of every month, we end the week a half hour early and spend time together virtually, chatting and playing games at our “Happy Half Hour”.
  • We schedule lots of entertaining team-building events throughout the year, both virtually and in-person, so that we can have a good time together and connect over something other than work. Many of these events are centred around taking care of our team’s mental, physical, and emotional health.

It’s well established that a strong work/life balance leads to healthier employees, both physically and mentally. We expect our team to be present, focused, and enthusiastic about their work during work hours, but we have equally strong expectations that they leave work behind when the workday is done. It all comes down to being present in each part of your life. We aren’t saying we are perfect at it, but we are working hard to find the balance.

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