Graphic design is an integral part of marketing, and beyond the realm of "pretty pictures" lies a plethora of skills, knowledge, and expertise that graphic designers possess. At TDG Marketing, let's just say we have the best of the best. So, let's pull back the curtain and shed some light on what it takes to be a graphic designer in our fast-paced and ever-evolving industry. From problem solvers to trend experts, our graphics team harnesses a whole host of skills to deliver exceptional results that wow our clients.

You can think of them as...

👉 Problem Solvers:

A graphic designer's role extends far beyond aesthetics. They are adept at visually organizing information in a manner that is both appealing and readable for the target audience. Designers constantly face new challenges and strive to find innovative solutions to make every design compelling and effective.

👉 Proofreaders:

A stunning design loses its impact if it’s covered in errors. Our designers meticulously review each project using a comprehensive proofing checklist. From image resolution and brand standards to punctuation accuracy in French content, ensuring the right PPE in photos, and maintaining correct dates, times, and contact information—every detail matters.

👉 Strategists:

Design without strategy is like a ship without a compass. Our designers collaborate closely with our client services team, leveraging detailed briefs to create designs that resonate with the intended audience. Great design is not simply about looks; it is when design and strategy collide that remarkable work is born.

👉 Print Experts:

While print design may not be every designer's forte, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the basic principles involved. Knowledge of creating dielines, preparing files for print, understanding print methods, inks, special finishes, paperweights, crops, bleeds, and resolutions facilitate the seamless transition from screen to paper, billboard, or poster.

👉 Web Designers:

Web design encompasses a distinct set of skills, and our team prides itself on being well-rounded, with expertise spanning multiple design areas. Web designers must comprehend the mindset and behaviour of web users, adhere to accessibility standards, and possess a basic understanding of code to create intuitive web experiences. Meticulous planning and organization are key when undertaking extensive web design projects.

👉 Trend Experts:

In the ever-evolving landscape of design, staying up-to-date with trends in design, social media, websites, accessibility, AI, and more is paramount. Our designers invest time and effort to continuously educate themselves on industry standards and trends, enabling us to deliver modern and cutting-edge designs that resonate with our tech-savvy customers.

👉 Learners:

The journey of a graphic designer is a lifelong quest for growth and learning. As techniques and technologies evolve, designers must adapt and stay abreast of new programs, tools, and emerging design practices. Embracing a mindset of constant learning and personal development is essential for our team to create work that continually breaks through the clutter.

👉 Creatives:

Above all, what sets exceptional graphic designers apart is an inherent passion and talent for design. The ability to perceive the world through a unique lens is not something that can be taught. Our designers all have an innate creativity that drives them to innovate, think outside the box, and create designs that captivate audiences in the vast range of industries our clients inhabit.

Being a graphic designer entails much more than meets the eye. At TDG Marketing, our designers wear various hats, combining problem-solving skills, strategizing capabilities, proofreading expertise, an understanding of print and web design, trend awareness, and an unwavering passion for creativity. Our dedication to constantly improving and remaining at the forefront of the industry allows us to be the experts our clients can trust. So, the next time you see a compelling design, remember the meticulous effort and profound knowledge that went into its creation.

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