Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate, we’d like to take a moment to recognize the incredible women in marketing, both industry-wide and within our company.

At TDG Marketing, we’re proud to have a leadership team that is entirely composed of women…



MANDY ENGLISH-PARRY – With years of experience leading the TDG team through multiple roles, Mandy has elevated our company and helped us push our clients’ brands to new heights. Taking over as President at the start of 2023, Mandy combines her ability to think outside the box with a data-driven approach, leaning on her uncanny industry knowledge and strong client relationships to drive our success.

KRISTY CROMPTON – As Account Director, Kristy heads our Client Services department, providing leadership and guidance to our client-facing team. A cool head under pressure with a passion for marketing, Kristy’s willingness to go the extra mile for our clients and our employees makes her an incredible leader.

COURTNEY MACDONALD – A longstanding member of our TDG team, Courtney is a wealth of client knowledge. As Studio Director, Courtney utilises her creativity, attention to detail, and love of learning to support and lead our studio team, including the Graphics, Video, and Copywriting departments. A self-proclaimed cheerleader, Courtney's proudest moments are seeing her teammates and our clients succeed!

But it doesn’t stop there…



We recognize the power of having women in all areas of our business, from graphics to copywriting, account management, and leadership. We’re proud to have that represented at TDG, with 53% of our employees being female – and value each team member’s unique ability to bring new perspectives, insights, and skills to the marketing landscape.

At TDG Marketing, we hope to continue to champion gender diversity by providing leadership development opportunities and creating an environment that celebrates female creativity and innovation.

We believe that having a diverse workforce is critical to driving innovation and success. We’re proud of the incredible women in marketing – making a difference here at TDG and around the world.

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