As another year is coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to think back on the many successes we have seen as a team of passionate marketing professionals. At TDG Marketing, we are so proud to have strong relationships within our team and with our clients, which led to amazing results time and time again. So, raise your glass (or coffee mug) to an awesome past year!


Cheers to many client achievements…

 In 2022, we saw an increase in our involvement with skilled trades. We were honoured to be the marketing support for many Tools in the Trades Boot Camps in their efforts to streamline the apprenticeship process and bridge the skilled trades gap with new talent. We also supported the Ontario Electrical League as they celebrated their 100th anniversary, with detailed coverage of their Annual Electrical Industry Conference in April. We created several informative and fun videos on their behalf and even produced a special edition of Dialogue magazine that outlined their history and that of the electrical industry.

It was an exciting year watching Halo Car Wash® grow and start the process of opening two more locations. That makes six locations total that are either up and running or in the process of being built, and TDG has met their marketing needs every step of the way – before the first location ever opened its doors!

We welcomed quite a few new clients this year including Home Hardware, Oxford Pallet and Recyclers, Anchorage Garden Supply, Premium Mulch Products, Dependable Installation Solutions, Provantage Automation, and Jobs That Feed. Just as important, we worked diligently to continue developing our relationships with our existing clients. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing our efforts turn into results as we help our clients succeed.

And that brings us to websites…and let us tell you…we designed MANY this year, including for:

  • Ontario Electrical League
  • Hammersmith Development and Construction
  • Super Commuting
  • Tools in the Trades Boot Camp
  • Skilled Trades Hub
  • Anchorage Garden Supply
  • Jobs That Feed
  • Grand River Employment and Training (GREAT)
  • Kayanase Greenhouse
  • Ogwehoweh Skills Trades Training Centre (OSTTC)

All these sites were created to be as unique as the client they were designed for with well-thought-out and executed functionality to help them stand out in a crowded online space.


Cheers to our professional development…

TDG’s video capabilities have skyrocketed in recent years. In 2022, our Video Team added an even higher angle to their work, utilizing our drone to capture some stunning shots for our clients. Our Graphics Team completed training on web accessibility so that we can continue to better understand how our work can be accessible for users of all abilities. We also learned to work with a new program for website design. This helps us to create sites more efficiently, and importantly, allows us to give our clients a comprehensive understanding of functionality before we enter the coding stage.

As the social media landscape continues to change, we continue to grow along with it. Our entire team worked to enhance our understanding when it comes to creating videos for TikTok and Instagram reels so that we can help our clients reach their customers where they are already scrolling.

Our Client Services Team is busy preparing for the rollout of G4 (Google Analytics) in 2023. We are working diligently on this now to ensure there are no interruptions for client website analytics, an important piece in our numbers-driven approach to marketing.

TDG’s Leadership Team took on a large project management research project and is rolling out a new system for 2023! This will allow us to better work with our clients and internally as a team.

AND…a BIG congratulations to our Studio Director, Courtney, and Senior Videographer/Video Editor, James on passing the five-year mark as valuable TDG team members. We are extremely lucky to have you both!


Cheers to all the fun team-building events…

Fostering a team-centred environment has always been at the core of TDG Marketing, but since we went completely virtual in 2020, we now have to put a little more thought and effort into it.

We think we are doing a pretty great job if we do say so ourselves. This year we:

  • Introduced the brand new TDG Think Tank to plan our plethora of internal events
  • Created a “Kudos” group on Google Chats to share each other’s accomplishments and continued with our quarterly Scoop email blasts to stay in the loop on everything from engagements, weddings, and babies, to vacations, books, and new recipes.
  • Participated in a Bell Let’s Talk Day virtual yoga class.
  • Had fun at a St. Patrick’s Day virtual party…the first event planned by our Think Tank!
  • Completed a Summer Survivor Wellness Challenge where we worked together in three different teams to improve our health and score points for this friendly competition.
  • Met together IN PERSON for a Staff BBQ in June where we shared delicious food and played lawn games at Mohawk Park in Brantford.
  • Took part in our annual Wellness Week in October. Congrats to Brian, Michael, and Alexis for your well-deserved wins…and thanks to Copywriter Carli for your (okay, my) social media takeover.
  • Had a spooktacular time dressed up in costume at our virtual Halloween Party.
  • And sniffed out a MURDERER (not a real one, don’t worry!) at our Murder Mystery Christmas Party extravaganza!

TDG has seen many changes and a whole lot of growth in 2022, and we fully expect that trend to continue as we kick off 2023. Thanks to all our clients for sticking with us, our families and friends for supporting us, and to the TDG brand that has taken on a life of its own.

Here’s to another great year to come.

Stay tuned for some BIG news in the new year…

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