As we bid farewell to 2023, at TDG Marketing, we are proudly reflecting on a year filled with growth, innovation, and team accomplishments. This remarkable journey marks our 23rd year in business and we are thrilled to share the incredible milestones that have defined our success.


👉 Embracing Change: The Transition to Hive

At the start of the year, TDG Marketing completed its transition to Hive as our project management system, a move that streamlined our operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity. This strategic shift set the tone for a year of transformative changes that would position TDG as an industry leader.


👉 Leadership Evolution

The new year brought significant leadership changes as Mandy returned from maternity leave to assume the role of President, succeeding Barry's retirement. This marked a seamless transition, ensuring continuity and a steady hand at the helm.


👉 Bell Let's Talk Day

In January, we demonstrated our commitment to mental health by hosting a virtual yoga class in recognition of Bell Let's Talk Day. This event underscored our dedication to employee well-being and fostering a supportive work environment.


👉 Brand Evolution: A Fresh Identity

In the same season, we unveiled a refreshed brand identity, complete with a new website, colours, fonts, and an evolved logo. This rebranding effort aimed to better reflect our identity, capturing the essence of our two-plus decades in the industry.


👉 Nurturing Growth: Internal Development Structure

Our commitment to the growth of our talented team shone through with the implementation of an internal growth structure for all departments. This initiative resulted in well-deserved promotions, including Michael to Account Manager, Carly to Account Executive, Brian to Lead Graphic Designer, and Bree to Senior Graphic Designer.


👉 Committees and Sub-Committees

TDG's internal planning committee, ThinkTank, organized engaging virtual parties celebrating St. Patrick's Day and Halloween as well as an in-person clean-up of Mohawk Park for Earth Day. Additionally, new sub-committees, such as the Social Media Sub-committee and Artificial Intelligence Sub-committee, were formed, spearheaded by dedicated team members Carly, Bree, Carli, and Michael.


👉 Staying Ahead with Task Forces

To stay at the forefront of the industry, TDG Marketing established task forces, such as the Web Task Force, Branding Task Force, and Digital Marketing Task Force, each focusing on improving processes and procedures.


👉 Social Media: TikTok Debut

In a bid to reach new audiences, TDG Marketing made its debut on TikTok, offering a dynamic platform for sharing marketing tips, behind-the-scenes looks, memes, and more.


👉 Annual Celebrations: Summer Wellness Challenge and Staff Picnic

The Summer saw the return of the annual Summer Wellness Challenge, where team members engaged in "Wellness Bingo" for the chance to win prizes. In June, our Annual Staff Picnic was held at Steel Wheel Brewery, providing a perfect opportunity for team bonding and relaxation.


👉 Seamless Transitions: G4 Analytics and Hey Orca

Notable achievements continued as we seamlessly adapted to G4 analytics, ensuring uninterrupted website analytics reporting for our clients. In the Fall, we made the switch to Hey Orca for social media scheduling, enhancing our social media services and reporting capabilities.


👉 New Leadership

October brought a significant milestone as Mandy purchased the business, securing a bright future for TDG Marketing.


👉 Strategic Partnership

Our strategic partnership with LoKnow opened exciting digital marketing opportunities, further solidifying TDG's commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends.


👉 Employee Recognition

In 2023, we celebrated the dedication of our team members. Carli marked an impressive 10 years with the company, and Kristy reached her 5th anniversary with TDG. In total, our staff boasts over 63 years of combined service to TDG Marketing.


2023 was a great year for team TDG. Looking ahead, we remain committed to excellence, innovation, and the continued success of our clients and team members. As we close this chapter, we anticipate another year of growth, creativity, and a whole lot more learning in 2024. Thank you for being part of our journey.

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