The Most Valuable Communications Tool a Company Has is its Corporate Identity

This defines what your company stands for, what you do, and why you are different than everyone else in your industry. Recognizable brand identity is made up of consistent colour, typography, and overall congruent graphic elements. Corporate branding reminds the public – specifically your potential customers – who you are, and how your products and services work together to meet the needs of your clients.

At TDG Marketing We Specialize in Creating a Brand

Designing the logo, determining the right colours and graphic elements, writing the perfect tagline, and utilizing all of the above to form your brand identity. Whether we created your brand, or we are marketing your current brand, we are fierce protectors of your brand. We know the importance of each marketing piece looking and feeling the same to create brand consistency.

Whether you are looking for a complete rebrand, or to evolve and grow your current brand, with TDG Marketing you can count on a fresh and consistent brand identity – allowing you to thrive as a leader in your industry.

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Ideal Scientific


Ideal Scientific is a leader in laboratory products and services, with over 30 years of experience in their industry. When they came to us, they knew that their logo was showing its age and it was time to evolve their brand. They wanted their customers in clinics, hospitals, and laboratories to see Ideal Scientific as the modern, sophisticated, and full-service operation it is today.

Evolving a logo means breathing fresh life into it without losing its recognition. Our team of designers understood the importance of accuracy and cleanliness in this client’s industry, so keeping a sharp, sans-serif typeface was a must. We selected a new, modern font to achieve this. It was also important to ensure blue was still the primary colour to maintain brand recognition, but the addition of a secondary yellow colour made things pop. The new logo is bolder and more affirmative, representing the Ideal Scientific of today.

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