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The best way to get to know your customer is to talk to them directly. At TDG, we have facilitated national research projects for large brands to help them determine their position in the marketplace and better understand their customers’ opinions. From one-off and transactional surveys to ongoing benchmarking surveys to determine changing responses on an annual basis, we collect the data you need and present it in a way that is easy to understand. Our customer research also includes focus group sessions as well as phone call interviews with your clientele. After all the information is collected, we provide comprehensive reports full of information on your customers, your business, and key opportunities for your brand with suggested actionable steps.

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Jim Peplinski Leasing - Benchmarking Survey


TDG Marketing sent a survey on behalf of Jim Peplinski Leasing to 13 different lists, separating the data by salesperson. This benchmarking survey helped to determine current customer opinions on JPLI’s service offerings and customer service. Phone call interviews with key customers were then completed for a one-on-one approach. Going forward, TDG will be sending out a shortened version of this original survey each year to determine how resulting implemented changes have affected the results.

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